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Bright Idea Education is a company in pursuit of a better, brighter future for all children. They create educational games to even the playing field for students. By developing innovative technologies, they bring the pupils to new levels of understanding while identifying key strengths and weaknesses to share with their teachers, parents.

Brand Identity

User Experience

User Interface



Analysing the problem

The client wanted a website to present what are they doing to parents, teachers, children, and also investors as the main objective of the company is to raise funds. So the website should have a bit of a corporative look but at the same time to work for children as well. The customer profile are children between 6 and 11 years old from all backgrounds as the subscription price of the app is relatively cheap. Whatever the decision-maker is the parent which usually female, between 32 and 38 years old.


the approach

As the business was in a very early age of a start-up at the moment when the website was created and they didn't have a lot of photos with the product I chose to work more with illustrations. Also was a good fit as is a company for children at the end of the day, so the approach added a bit of playfull vibe.

I chose the Montserrat font which I thought had a good balance between a modern, clean professional look and a drop of personality that you don't find in other fonts like Helvetica or Futura for example, which are more formal.


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The colour palette is focusing on blue(trust and dependability) and purple(colour of education) gradients with a hint of orange(enthusiastic) in some places to spice up a little bit of the visual identity.

mobile responsive

Adaptive design

We created a clean and modern website with mobile design at the forefront. We prioritized the CTA while keeping the interface clean with a well-structured layout and an easy to read the text. The images are optimised and a streamline mobile menu was added to increase the user flow, creating maximum responsivity. With multiple user tests, we made sure the mobile version of the website is as intuitive and easy to navigate as possible.


improved conversion rate

The website has received fantastic feedback since launch. With an intuitive adaptive layout and design, the site works wonderfull with the wide range of the demographic. The brand identity, together with the core values and the philosophy of the company are presented through the website while at the same time effectively convert leads into new customers.

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