Electrical engineering company

Vamp is an electrical service company based in London with just a few years on the market. Specialised in high-end residential and commercial projects they are looking to update their visual identity in order to inspire more trust to their prospector's clients.

Brand Identity

User Experience

User Interface



Analysing the problem

They wanted a clean, simple look and feel website that communicates in an effective way what are they doing. While they work with big clients and a single project can be very expensive is very important, the website to inspire trust while at the same time make them stand out in a very competitive market.


the approach

Taking into consideration the average age of the demographic, which will use the website(40-50), the approach was to keep things as simple and easy to navigate as possible. Using a clean layout and a bold orange colour makes them stand out from the other websites while at the same time offer a great user experience. In order to increase the sales of the customer I created the template of the website around the objective of "building trust". The website has testimonials, case studies with photos of the final result, the logos of the companies they may have worked with, and a contact form, which makes sure they are easy to contact once the client is hooked.

Always busy



44-60 years

85% men

mobile responsive

adaptive design

Two-thirds of internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. We know this and because of this we always begin with the mobile-first approach, which basically means that we design the first version for the mobile devices. In this way, we assure the fact that everything that the user needs is there and is created exactly for him.


improved conversion rate

The new PowerTrust website has received fantastic feedback since launch. The intuitive minimalist layout and design of the site now appeal to their demographic and accurately portray the company’s vision, core principals and brand identity.Thanks to the advanced CMS system, PowerTrust are now able to effectively manage and update their website, adding and modifying the content with ease. Users are guided intelligently through the site, which provides a clear, engaging and fully interoperable experience across all devices.

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