Cosmico is a space-themed, educational mobile game where children can explore and unlock the secrets of mathematics.

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Gathering inspiration

We began by analysing different relevant brands in the industry, like Adventure Academy, Kahoot, or ABCMouse, as well as smaller competitors or games that are not a direct competition but still are targeted for our audience.

Competitive Analysis

During the competitive analysis, we analyse the visual style, messaging and architecture of the websites and games, the ultimate goal was to discover what are the industry practices and where is room for opportunities, we found out that, we had most of the core features. However, there was still much that could be improved in terms of the mechanics of the game as well as the overall design of the game.

Qualitative Data

User Testing

Based on user testing we not only found out more about how the kids interacted with the game and fix the usability problems that were revealed in the process but also found out what they like and whatnot. How they react to different kind of graphics, characters, dialogues and game mechanics.

User interviews

One of the challenges of the project was the fact that the brand should appeal really to 2 audiences. The parents as well as the kids who will actually play the game.

We conducted interviews one on one as well as focus groups with both types of audiences along the process, to understand better their needs, likes and dislikes.

Certain discussion regarding whether the brand identity should look different depending on the type of audiences or it should be kept consistent also arose.

Executive interviews

I conducted interviews with representatives from the CEO to the marketing manager and the director of education to understand each part of the company’s unique requirements and concerns for the design. As well as understand how it will fit into different platforms the company is using. Interviews were conversational and tailored to each customer.

Quantitative Data

We have also analysed the quantitative data, searching for useful data which may reveal user pain points and barriers to conversion. The data from both, the old website as well as the app were taken into consideration for the new website.



A change in brand means a change in the approach the company is using to attract and deliver to their customer. For this reason, a strategy workshop was required to establish the new direction we want to take. As design(or anything really) without strategy is not effective this is a crucial part of the process, so plenty of time was allocated on this stage with the executives and the marketing team.

Establishing the cultural values which will guide the company in every decision will take, from copy to design and development.

Creating user personas which will help create the content and the product around the customer needs.

The voice of the company or how is speaking with the customers(critical for copywriting).

Define the feeling we want to create with our product.

Write down the impact that we want to create in peoples life.

Discovering the X-factor of the company or how is differentiating from the other competitors.


As the company already had existing graphics and a visual identity developed in the game the task was to look over everything existing and decide what we can work with, what has to be changed and how to bring everything together in a more established, structured design.

Everything to ultimately develop a brand book with and an atomic design capability. This essentially looks at every existent component(organism) and divide it into smaller(molecules) and smaller parts(atoms). Then new components(organisms) can be created with the help of already existing smaller parts(molecules and atoms). This way not only ensuring more consistency in the design but also saves a lot of precious time, which is invaluable for a small startup without the budget of a game studio giant.

New Logo

The logo illustrates the game cosmic in which everything is happening. With all its vastness and diversity of people, knowledge and experiences are pulled together by the swirl into a beacon for education, fun and a better brighter future.

It’s the centre around everything that will happen. With a glow of amethyst purple, the symbol inspires excitement, mystery, adventure and erudition. Everything that the company has the goal to offer to children around the world.

The four arms of the swirl represent the four main company’s values: inclusive, empowering, educative and engaging.



Once we had a solid direction towards the design should aim for, I began to create variations of wireframes. I then put the designs in front of users and internal stakeholders for testing and feedback.



Once we had a solid direction towards the design should aim for, I began to create variations of wireframes. I then put the designs in front of users and internal stakeholders for testing and feedback.


After multiple iterations and discussed ideas I took everything to the next step and create high fidelity mockups which will give the final assurance that the expected website is how the stakeholders have imagined picking any last-minute feedback before everything to be developed.


For the development of the website, we chose to use, webflow, a visual building website platform. In this way, everything is a bit easier for the staff to update little text portions of the website as long as images. While the more complicated part of the website which deals with payment and user accounts was created on a subdomain using traditional coding ways.

Continued Optimization

After the website was live and optimised for different screen sizes we have also added different tracking snippets of code, to analyse how the users react to it. With which parts they engage with, as well as understanding from which platform they are coming from and the overall experience of the user journey. Once enough traffic and data were acquired and analysed, different small and big updates of the website have been done to increase the overall user experience as well as the conversion rate of the website.

His dedication, determination and drive when it comes to creating a first-class online experience is just amazing.



Ibrahim Farook

CEO of Cosmico

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